The Real Time Monitor

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING RUNNING THE RTM AS WEBSTART: The Java 1.7 update 9 from Oracle has broken the RTM Webstart App. This is because it prevents correctly signed NASA jar files which the RTM is using to be executed. Mac OS users should use the "bleeding edge" version of the program which has been compiled with World Wind 2.0 / OpenGL 2.0 and runs correctly under Mac OS X. Please note that you might need to update you security settings to allow executing self-signed applications.

Welcome to the home page for the Real Time Monitor (RTM). The RTM was originally designed as a visualisation of the activity on the grid computing infrastructure, It is developed by Imperial College London as part of the GridPP and e-ScienceTalk projects.

Grid RTM displays information from various grid projects including the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) and the worldwide LHC Computing Grid (wLCG).

As part of the e-ScienceTalk project the RTM has been expanded to include a version displaying data transfers on the academic Internet infrastructure maintained by G√ČANT and its international partners. This version demonstrates the amount of activity taking place on the global Internet and the scale of the science using it.

Run the Grid RTMRun the GEANT RTM

Please note the recommended version to run for the RTM is the Java Webstart. If you are a regular and experienced user however you may want to run the stand alone application. This can be downloaded from the Download page.